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Lubelska “on-the-go” is a big hit

One of the greatest new products for the summer is Lubelska Lufka Owocówka by Stock Spirits Group. Our bestselling Lubelska flavours are now available in a handy ‘shot’ sized cup and have received an exceptional response to launch that saw a burst of social media activity with consumers rushing to buy their favourite Lubelska flavour and posting their photographs with the drink.  

To date, Lubelska Lufka 40ml is the smallest capacity alcoholic beverage available in the Polish off trade, with the 100ml pack size typically being the smallest single serve drink currently available. The new format of Lubelska Lufka is all the rage for the younger consumer who tends to make more spontaneous decisions about when and where they will have a drink.

In providing a smaller 40ml shot cup, Stock Polska is breaking innovative new ground offering a convenient quantity, at an affordable price, in an easy to drink “on the go” format, to meet demand for “buy-to-drink” products which are at an all-time high.  

Lubelska Lufka is currently available in bestselling Lubelska Cytrynówka (Lemon) and Lubelska Grejpfrutowa (Grapefruit) flavours.

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