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New Lemon Sour vodka from Stock Polska

Lemon Sour is the refreshing new vodka in the Stock Prestige family with a zesty lemon taste that is very different from other fruit-flavoured vodkas. The new vodka combines this with a sourness that creates a strongly tart taste, adding a new dimension to lemon vodkas and providing a great base for cocktails.  

Stock Prestige Lemon Sour is a new proposition for those who like innovative flavours in combination with the best quality pure vodka. This new product from Stock Polska comes with a distinctive, sour, full-bodied lemon flavour inspired by the world-famous Vodka Sour cocktail, which includes: high-quality vodka, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice cubes. This popular cocktail recipe is considered to be a perfect way to serve vodka and has been popular around the world for decades.

Served over ice, Stock Prestige Lemon Sour reveals the deep flavour of the unique combination of our excellent vodka with lemon juice, which adds a gentle hint to the aroma.

Lemon Sour has joined the extensive portfolio of our well-known Stock Prestige Vodka family which is already available in numerous countries and has loyal fans across the world.

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