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Stock announce investment in new, modern distillery

Stock announce investment in new, modern distillery

A new, environmentally friendly distillery is to be built at Stock Spirits’ Lublin plant in Poland. 

​Stock Spirits announced plans for a new Lublin distillery at a press conference in Poland yesterday, Monday 20 July. 

With an estimated construction cost of PLN 120 million, the largest industrial investment in Lublin in recent years, the new distillery will enable Stock Spirits to produce 100,000 litres of spirit per day at the site. 

"It will be a great example of how innovative technology can work in combination with protecting our environment and respecting our neighbours. When planning the new distillery, we set the bar very high", says Marek Sypek, Managing Director of Stock Polska. 

In addition to the use of innovative technology, the investment will be distinguished by a number of pro-ecological solutions including:- 

  • Modern photovoltaic installation and lighting based entirely on LED technology, reducing electricity demand by up to 80%.
  • An optimised production process to minimize the need for thermal energy.
  • The unique technical connection of individual production nodes which will save up to 3million m3 of natural gas per year.
  • A fermentation plant built using closed technology, meaning that no odour will be released externally.
  • Effluent from the plant, as well as other industrial sewage, will be treated in a new, highly efficient company sewage treatment plant.  As a result, the wastewater collected will significantly exceed all national and European purity standards. 
  • Shielding of buildings and using the appropriate room construction and technologies will ensure the distillery causes very little noise pollution.
  • Planting living "green walls" on the roof and side facades to improve water holding capacity, absorb any dust from the plant surroundings and increase the visual quality of the building.
  • The plant will also collect rainwater which will be reused for a number of purposes including for watering the greenery on the distillery building.  

The new buildings will be located entirely on the existing industrial footprint of the site, with the total area of the new distillery and the accompanying infrastructure covering in the region of 5,800m2, which is approximately one tenth of our current industrial plot in Lublin. 

Assuming all relevant permissions are granted, construction is due to commence in the first quarter of 2021.

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Stock announce investment in new, modern distillery