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Stock Plzeň-Božkov expands consumer appeal with Božkov range extensions

Božkov, the Czech Republic’s best-selling spirits brand by volume*, has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of three new variants. The new products draw on Stock’s 70 year expertise in producing Božkov’s much loved taste and quality, whilst meeting emerging consumer needs in a wider range of usage occasions, to drive category growth.

Božkov Mango 
Following the successful launch of the Coffee and Almond flavours, Božkov has launched a new special edition Mango flavour, where the traditional taste of the brand is enriched with fruit notes. The pleasant hint of mango appeals particularly to women and young adults and will expand usage as it can be served either straight or as a mixed drink with coke or other ingredients. A great example is a party drink called Božkov “Mangolada”, an easy-to-make cocktail consisting of 4cl of Božkov Special Edition Mango, 1.5 cl of coconut syrup, 12 cl of mango juice and 1.5 cl of cream. Decorated with a slice of pineapple or mango and served with a smile!

Božkov Bílý 
Božkov Bílý (“Božkov White”) liqueur, is a unique product characterized by a delicate aroma and delicious taste tailor-made to appeal to Czech consumers. Božkov Bílý liqueur is an excellent base for mixed drinks, particularly with coke or in a Mojito-inspired beverage. Thanks to its colour and wide range of uses as a base for mixed drinks, coupled with an alcohol by volume of 30%, Božkov Bílý is ideally suited to the relaxed atmosphere of Czech lakeside beaches, or at parties and barbecues with friends.

Božkov Tradiční 
Designed to meet growing consumer demand for lower alcoholic strength spirits whilst maintaining the brand’s traditional quality and taste values. With an alcohol by volume of 35%, Božkov Tradiční offers a great tasting, lower abv, affordable alternative to the well-established Božkov Originál (37.5%).  

Like other Božkov products, the three new range extensions are made in the Czech Republic at Palírenská Street, Plzen.

* Source IWSR

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