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The Group has a portfolio of more than 40 brands across a broad range of spirits products including vodka, vodka-based flavoured liqueurs, rum, brandy, bitters and limoncello. Many of our products have market or category-leading positions in our core geographic markets.

Fernet Stock

Fernet Stock
Fernet Stock Citrus
Fernet Stock Grapefruit
Fernet Stock Mango & Ginger
Fernet Stock Grand
  • A combination of classic Fernet Stock and citrus fruits with a subtle sweetness and slightly lower alcohol content.
  • Surprisingly refreshing combination of juicy grapefruit and the unique taste of original Fernet Stock. Tastes best perfectly cold, on ice or in the traditional mixed drink called "Bavorak".
  • An exotic and refreshing combination of fernet herbs with ginger and mango.
  • A traditional mix of carefully selected herbs combined with extracts from tea leaves to achieve a balanced, rich and full flavour enhanced by aging in oak barrels.

Fernet Stock is the classic Czech bitter spirit.

First produced in 1927 by Lionello Stock in his liqueur factory in Plzen-Bozkov, it is made from a carefully guarded secret recipe based on 14 herbs from around the world.

The Fernet Stock brand range has won several international awards with the most recent being three two star awards at the 2016 International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) awards.

*Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.