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The Group has a portfolio of more than 40 brands across a broad range of spirits products including vodka, vodka-based flavoured liqueurs, rum, brandy, bitters and limoncello. Many of our products have market or category-leading positions in our core geographic markets.

Amundsen Flavours

Amundsen Cranberry
Amundsen Energy
Amundsen Lime & Mint
Amundsen Melon
Amundsen Peach
Amundsen Pear
Amundsen Pineapple & Coconut
  • A unique product of pure Scandinavian-type character with very interesting bittersweet taste of cranberries; its production is based on crystal clear vodka and pure natural ingredients.
  • Amundsen Energy is a stimulating blend of crystal clear vodka and fruit flavours, taurine and caffeine.
  • The all new Amundsen Lime & Mint is a connection of natural lime juice and mint with 6x distilled Amundsen vodka.
  • Amundsen Melon is a blend of original, crystal clear vodka with the fresh flavour of pure, natural juice of melons.
  • All new Amundsen Peach combines the long-time favourite taste of pure natural peach juice with crystal clear vodka.
  • An excellent blend of crystal clear vodka and the delicate flavour of natural pear juice.
  • An invigorating combination of juicy pineapple, fresh coconut and 6x distilled vodka Amundsen creates a unique taste experience.

Our popular Amundsen vodka is also available in a range of vodka-based, flavoured liqueurs.

Amundsen Flavours are made from pure, natural ingredients and top-quality, crystal clear vodka. The flavours in the range are not too sweet and they have a natural colour hue and fresh fruit taste.


*Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.