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Sznaps de Luxe – the best occasions are spontaneous!

A light and tasty alcohol in a handy flat bottle with a shapely metal glass – always at hand and ready for any occasion! This is exactly what Sznaps de Luxe – the latest Stock product – stands for.      

Don’t let your friends’ unexpected visit surprise you, always have your Sznaps at hand!  This is a light alcohol which does not conform with the rule book, although it has been meticulously prepared.  Thanks to its handy flat bottle with its own shot glass, it is the most user-friendly, portable spirit bottle to be found on the market.  The perfectly balanced proportions of taste and 24% proof alcohol meet the consumers’ evolving tastes and turn Sznaps de Luxe into a relaxed and light beverage.  Its excellent taste guarantees a good time, whichever of the three Sznaps’ varieties, Apple, Pear and the invigorating Fresh, are chosen.  All three flavours are very light and unique.  That is why Sznaps allows consumers to relax under virtually any circumstances.  

Sznaps de Luxe is a light alcohol created for people living in the moment. It requires no planning ahead and no special clothes, drinks or snacks.  You reach into your pocket – SZNAPS… and there you have it – a special occasion!  Just like that.    

Sznaps de Luxe is available from June this year in two formats: the handy 500ml bottle, with a metal glass included, and a 90ml bottle, allowing you to try out all Sznaps flavours easily and quickly.

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