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Delicious new flavours set to expand the range of Amundsen vodka-based liqueurs

Two new products are being added to the range of Amundsen vodka-based flavoured liqueurs from the Stock Plzeň portfolio. The Amundsen collection has been extended by the addition of original flavours, exclusive to the brand – Amundsen Pineapple & Coco and Amundsen Fresh Cucumber & Lime.

Both new flavours are exclusive to the Amundsen brand in this sector of the spirits industry. The concoction of cucumber and lime is completely new on the Czech market altogether. Both products were developed in light of extensive consumer testing. Group Brand Manager Tomáš Hejkal said: “We want to keep bringing our consumers interesting and innovative flavours. That’s why we are releasing just two new products at this particular point in time. The cucumber variation has been in the pipeline for quite some time, but we have decided that this is the right moment to release it.” He added that the introduction of a cucumber flavoured liqueur was inspired by the ever-growing popularity of soft drinks in that flavour across the wider food and drink industry. While the consumer tests show that the combination of pineapple and coconut was instantly popular, the cucumber and lime variation seemed at first to be more of an acquired taste - but those who were initially uncertain soon came to appreciate its unique flavour.

Although the flavours are original, the production method carried out for these new Amundsen liqueurs is a tried and tested one which uses only natural, raw materials and Amundsen Vodka distilled six times. The products are designed to satisfy consumer demand for a natural colour and a fresh, fruity taste that, using only pure ingredients, is not too sweet.

For the launch of these original flavours, Stock Plzeň is set to target the gourmet food and drinks sector and the appropriate retail network through an events programme and the use of supporting digital media.

Both Amundsen Pineapple & Coco and Amundsen Fresh Cucumber & Lime will be available in 0.5 and 1 litre packages. The wider Amundsen range is among the most popular in its category on the Czech market. In the gourmet cuisine sector, the range is the best-selling vodka-based flavoured liqueur brand, with a market share of almost 30%. In retail, the range ranks second in the same category with a share of almost 23%. Existing flavours include Lime & Mint, Melon, Pear, Cranberry, Strawberry, Plum, Green Apple, Peach, and Energy.

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