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Vision & Strategy

Our mission is to make spirits drinking more enjoyable through our unique combination of superior quality with local pride, understanding and innovation.  

We aim to command a major stake in each of our core operating territories and to make our presence felt in the wider global market.

Our management team combines depth and breadth of experience with a fundamental understanding of brand-building in the global drinks industry.

As a Group, we combine strong local operating businesses with a product portfolio that balances heritage and innovation. Our range is led by brands with the integrity of local culture, style and tradition that consumers expect.

We believe we have created a focused organisation with positive momentum behind our brands, our people, our marketing and our financial performance.


Our vision is to become the leading spirits company in Central and Eastern Europe. Our strategy to achieve this goal is explained below.

Extending the Group's strong brand portfolio in our current markets

Stock Spirits Group has leading brand positions in the spirits categories and segments in which we compete. We will make the most of our strong portfolio to increase the revenue from our existing products, as well from new products and new variants of existing products.

We plan to leverage our premium brands, such as Stock Prestige and Stock XO, which tend to have higher profit margins, to benefit from the 'trading up' premiumisation trend in Central and Eastern European markets.


Continuing to invest in attractive markets with strong growth prospects

We intend to continue growth in our core markets through our broad portfolio of products.

We also plan to expand sales of our products into attractive Central and Eastern European markets, as well as other international markets, using our experience and expertise to capture growth opportunities.

We also intend to extend the number of brands and products currently distributed by third-party distributors in regions where we do not have fully owned sales and marketing operations.


Continuing to develop new products and extend the product portfolio

Innovation is a key driver for both the Group's revenue growth and its operating profit.

We have a strong track record of developing successful new products and new variants of existing products.

Our new product development programme gives us the flexibility to respond rapidly to changes in consumer preferences and demand, as well as a focus on product innovation as a key strategy to deliver incremental sales and gain market share.

Pursuing significant acquisition opportunities across Central and Eastern Europe and beyond

We believe the Central and Eastern European region, and certain other European countries, offers significant acquisition-led growth opportunities and that there is limited local or international competition for assets.

The Group intends to acquire brands, companies and assets in the territories in which it is currently active and companies and assets in the territories in the Central and Eastern European region, and certain other European countries, in which it is not currently active.

We may also consider acquisition targets in other locations where we can leverage our current platform. Our business has been created through acquisitions and we are experienced at reorganising operations and transferring resources and expertise across sites. Our businesses benefit from production and portfolio synergies and our brand building processes, as well as cross-selling opportunities between core and international markets.


Using purchasing and production capability to deliver quality products with a competitive cost advantage

We have invested in fast, flexible and effective manufacturing operations and have the capacity to support sales growth. We've also increased efficiency through innovation in value engineering by reducing changeover time, managing complexity in the production process and reducing waste across all our production sites.

We will seek closer integration with suppliers and logistics providers and further strengthening of our planning and purchasing processes.

Centralised purchasing capability means we can negotiate competitive pricing for supply contracts. This allows us to produce high-quality products at lower costs and to price competitively in our markets.

Expanding distribution capability in current and new markets

Our strong distribution capability has helped us to increase sales, gain or maintain market share and obtain leadership positions in our markets.

We intend to further expand this capability through the continuous training and development of an effective sales force in each of our current markets. This will allow us to remain competitive and increase sales and market share.

We believe we can also use our experience to expand into new markets and enter into distribution agreements to distribute third-party products through our network.


Investing in people and developing management capability

We believe our investment in and development of our people gives us a competitive advantage and will continue to be critical to our future success.